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Cookies are text files that websites can use to make browsing more efficient for the user.
They contain basic information on internet browsing and are recognised by the browser each time the user visits the site.

Cookies that are strictly necessary for this site to operate may be stored on your device. Your consent is required for all other types of cookies.

This cookie policy is intended to describe the types and methods of use of cookies, and to provide information on the actions to modify, refuse or disable the cookies on this site.

For more information on the data controllers of your personal data, please refer to the Privacy Policy section of this site.

Ftex Srl undertakes to comply with the provisions contained in the Code regarding the protection of personal data, as amended by Italian Legislative Decree No. 69 of 28 May 2012, in implementation of European Directive 2009/136/EC.

First party technical cookies

These are cookies that allow the user to browse the website and use the services offered correctly, such as, for example, the identification of the browsing session, access to their user panel, correct management the procedures for creating an order and paying for purchases in the shop, if any. They are also used to keep track of the cookie preferences that have been chosen by the user.

These cookies are set by the server of this site and are necessary for the proper functioning of the site in compliance with the legal provisions in force. Therefore they must not be disabled.

Third party cookies
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More details about the cookies we use can be found clicking the “Manage cookies” link found on each page of the website.

Below are the links for managing cookies in the most popular browsers (in alphabetical order):

Chrome (Google)
Edge (Microsoft)
Firefox (Mozilla Foundation)
Internet Explorer (Microsoft)
Opera (Opera Software)
Safari (Apple) – DesktopMobile

If you use another browser, look in the browser settings for how to manage cookies.

You can change the cookie preferences for this site by clicking the “Manage cookies” link found on each page of the website.

Keep in mind that when you disable cookies, some features of the site may not work properly or at all. A minimum amount of information is still stored in your browser (through technical cookies) even with all cookies disabled,refer to “technical cookies” sections above.